Poetic Inspirations About Life, Love, & Family Values

"I keep telling my friends, YOU GOTTA READ THIS BOOK!"
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It's Time To get Excited

About A Brand New Book Of Poetry

That's So Inviting

It Has A Book Of Rhymes

That Keeps You Feeling Fine.

A Sure Cure For The Blues

 It's  Good News.

Words That Leave you Inspired

 And Will Set Your Soul On Fire

Great  For The Young

Soothing for the Old

Reading That's Good For The Soul

   Poetic inspirations about life, love and family values. It's easy reading and family oriented and well well received by teens.

   This Book addresses the issues we all face in different phases of our lives providing solution of hope, a look on the bright side and provides insight and encouragement.  Each poem is expressed in a unique rhyme scheme to capture the attention of all, even a small child, and at the same time give food for thought and leave you positively motivated. This book offers a sense of guidance on how to retain strength and confidence in the midst of life's uncertainties from a spiritual perspective.